Christmas Late Night Shopping Shocker!

Shock news! In an unexpected twist to late night shopping in Lindfield High Street tonight, the Guy tried to make a break for freedom in the guise of Father Christmas. Thank you to all the eagle-eyed members of the public who saw through his cunning disguise! Their generous donations to the Society allowed us to quickly assemble a crack team of Lindfield Bonfire Boys and Belles to arrest him as he attempted to make his way into a local hostelry. Once caught he was briskly escorted back to confinement though, being slightly the worse for wear from sampling the mulled wine, he had to be carried most of the way back.

Thankfully the LBS tombola and Angry Birds game proved to be a as popular as ever and it more than made up for the Guy’s attempt to escape.

The Society is obviously horrified at this lapse in security and will endeavour to keep a closer eye on him in the future.

Please remember to keep those eyes peeled in case the Guy gets any more ideas about breaking out!