Weekend Round-up – 29/09/2012

A huge thanks to everyone who made it out to Burgess Hill’s Bonfire Night. We were delighted to see so many of LBS turn up in stripes and Edwardian outfits. A great time was had by all and a special thanks must go to Burgess Hill Bonfire Society for hosting a fantastic evening! Please have a look at our 2012 Photo Gallery to see our pictures of the event.

Sunday also saw another important event for LBS, the completion of all the torches for our November 5t Bonfire Night! Rack repairs are well under way and from here on in it’s onwards and upwards. Well done eveyone!

Also, the Lindfield Bonfire Society’s 2012 Season button badges are now out. These are priced at £1 each and available from Darren Lucas. An essential item for attending any out-meeting!

Finally, well done to all our firework firers who recently sat and succesfully passed their BPA Firework Firers Level 1 exam. Our thanks goes to Phoenix Fireworks for their training and support for the exam. Roll on the 5th!!!