Worlds Quickest Firework Display?

Ever wondered what it would be like if we set all our fireworks of in one go?

At Lindfield we fire by hand, so it would need a lot of trained firer’s on call. However if you  have switched to electronic firing this becomes a real possibility.

Our sympathies go out to the team working on the 2012 4th July firework display in San Diego, where a technical problem resulted in all their fireworks going off at the same time. It may have been the shortest display ever, but I bet no-one who was there will ever forget it.

Of course there were camera’s a plenty on hand to record this historic moment for everyone who was not there, so if you did miss this event check out this footage on You Tube.


2012 Bonfire Calendar

Love Bonfire night?

Well, this year’s calendar of Bonfire Night celebrations has just come out and can be seen on our Bonfire Calendar page.

Let us know how many you manage to make when the season ends and there may well be a prize for whoever has attended the most. Evidence will be required, so best take your camera and find a local landmark to have your picture taken at!


Getting ready for November 5th

Well, the summer weather may not have arrived yet, but the time to start preparing for the 5th November has! Those torches don’t make themselves (though it would be nice if they did!).

There will be plenty to do over the next few months from making torches to building the Guy.

Are you a Society member and want to get involved? Then contact your friendly local committee representative or send us an email via the contact us section on the web site.

Not a member? Well, don’t don’t despair. Details of how you can join us can be found on our membership page!

As for this blog’s picture, well, one of the joys of living in Lindfield is that when Borde Hill has an event that requires a Spitfire display it will warm up over the Village before taking off to the show. Hats off to Carolyn and her amazing flying machine!