Weekend Round-up – 29/09/2012

A huge thanks to everyone who made it out to Burgess Hill’s Bonfire Night. We were delighted to see so many of LBS turn up in stripes and Edwardian outfits. A great time was had by all and a special thanks must go to Burgess Hill Bonfire Society for hosting a fantastic evening! Please have a look at our 2012 Photo Gallery to see our pictures of the event.

Sunday also saw another important event for LBS, the completion of all the torches for our November 5t Bonfire Night! Rack repairs are well under way and from here on in it’s onwards and upwards. Well done eveyone!

Also, the Lindfield Bonfire Society’s 2012 Season button badges are now out. These are priced at £1 each and available from Darren Lucas. An essential item for attending any out-meeting!

Finally, well done to all our firework firers who recently sat and succesfully passed their BPA Firework Firers Level 1 exam. Our thanks goes to Phoenix Fireworks for their training and support for the exam. Roll on the 5th!!!


Burgess Hill Outmeeting 2012

Next up with regards to outmeetings is the short trip to our fellow Mid Sussex bonfire friends at Burgess Hill on Saturday 29th September. Times are as follows;

6.40pm – Remembrance
7.00pm – Form up at Cyprus Road car park
7.30pm – First procession
8.20pm – Reform in Silverdale road
8.30pm – Grand Procession
9.45pm – Bonfire and Fireworks

Car parking at St John’s Park and Cyprus Road. St John’s park is handy as its between the starting point and finishing point so easy from both points to get to and from. Usually best to get to Burgess Hill between 6 and 6.30pm to avoid the road closures.

At the request of the host society no fireworks in the procession or on the field afterwards.

Being so close there’s no excuse for not turning up, so I look forward to seeing you all there!

For those still with some energy left on Sunday, we will be at down at our usual haunt continuing our prep work for November 5th. More torches anyone?

We also have our November 5th Marshall’s meeting on Thursday 18th October at the King Edward Hall. This is an opportunity for those who are not a member of the Society to help out with the gigantic operation that is Lindfield Bonfire night. If you wish to help this is the meeting to be at!


Preparations Update

Torch makingBig thanks to everyone who turned up to help with preparations for this year’s bonfire night at the weekend. All the torches have been cut and we are now at the fun stage of attaching the felt! The contents of the trailer is being organised and we all know now that in the event of a torrential downpour John is our man to make an impromptu shelter out of literally nothing.

Fancy joining in the excitement of our Bonfire Night, making torches and helping the whole event go with a bang? Then why not join LBS and become an active supporter!


Weekend Round-up – 21/09/2012


No out-meetings this weekend, but there is still plenty of prep work for our Bonfire Night on November 5th! Work is well underway on the Guy and we will be torch making and checking all the equipment we need to make our firework display an as safe and enjoyable evening for all. If you are a member of teh Society and can help with this please get in touch with a member of the LBS Committee or via the web site contact page.

Also, if you love Bonfire Night why not become a member of LBS. By simply completing our standing order form you will help keep bonfire night going in the Village and be playing a part in preserving this great British tradition! Individual membership is just £10, which is less than £1 per month. We also have family and life membership rates.Go on, you know you want to!


Weekend Round-up -15/09/2012

A big thanks to everyone who made it over to Mayfield on Saturday for their Bonfire Night. It was a fantastic evening and great to see so many members of the Society out in their stripes. If you are a member of LBS and wish to attend out-meetings please let us know. They are always great fun, and the more of us who can attend then the more enjoyable they are. There is nothing better than being in the thick of it all!

As well as the Mayfield out-meeting our team of firers have also been working hard on renewing their BPA Firers certificates. We wish everyone who attended the course all the best for their exam! Special thanks to John and Alex at Phoenix Fireworks, our tutors for the weekend, who kept us entertained with tales a plenty. Hope the I-cakes are worth the wait!