Mayfield Outmeeting 2012

Well done to those who made it to Crowborough on Saturday. Next bonfire up will be Mayfield on Saturday 15th September. Activities start at 12:30 with a street market. Roads close at 6pm, procession forms up at 7pm and moves off at 7.30pm. First event of the season that has fireworks to end the night with. Please no rookies either at the request of the host society.

Big thanks also to everyone who made it out on Sunday to help with torch making and prep-work ahead of our bonfire night celebration on the 5th. Keep up the good work!.


Crowborough out-meeting 2012

Big thank you to everyone who made it to Uckfield on Saturday. Hope you all enjoyed yourselves!

Crowborough carnival up next. Saturday 8th Sept. Form up at Chapel Green at around 7pm, move off at 7.30pm. Plenty of parking behind the Waitrose in the town centre!

See you there!