2012 Bonfire Night – Event Timing

Need to know the timing of events for our Bonfire Night on November the 5th? Well, the key event timings are:

6:30pm Fancy Dress Competition – at the King Edward Hall (Free to enter)
7:30pm Torchlight Procession – parade through the village
8:15pm Lighting of the Bonfire – preceded by the Traditional Bonfire Prayer
8:30pm Grand Firework Display – on Lindfield Common
9.00pm to 9.15pm End of show

Don’t forget road closures will be in place from 18:30 so please leave enough time to get into the village for the start of our Bonfire Night event.


2012 Bonfire Night – 8 facts on Sparklers!

I know people love playing with sparkers, but did you know:

1) The “classic” type of sparkler consists of a thin metal rod approximately 20 cm (8 inches) long that has been dipped in a thick batter of slow-burning pyrotechnic composition and allowed to dry.

2) Three sparklers burning together generate the same heat as a blow-torch

3) Sparkler bombs are constructed by binding together as many as 300 sparklers with tape, leaving one extended to use as a fuse. The resulting blast can approach the power of a stick of dynamite. In 2008 three deaths were attributed to the devices, which can be ignited accidentally by heat or friction.

4) A sparkler reaches a temperature of up to 2,000°C, which is 20 times the boiling point of water. To put that in context, iron out of the ground can melt at around 1510°C (2750°F) and steel often melts at around 1370°C (2500°F).

5) Sparklers remain too hot to touch for several minutes after they have gone out and will therefore still cause burns.

6) Firework injury statistics have not been officially recorded in the UK since 2005. For the last year of records the top the causes of firework injuries in the UK were caused by rockets (216), air bombs (111) and sparklers (104). In the United States sparklers were responsible in 2003 for 57% of firework injuries in under 5’s and in 2007 for 16 percent of legal firework-related injuries.

7) The law says you can’t set off or throw fireworks (including sparklers) in the street or other public places.

8) You can be fined up to £5,000 and/or imprisoned for 3 months for buying or using fireworks illegally. You could get an on-the-spot fine of £80.

We want everyone to have a great night on November 5th so please, please do not bring sparklers (or any fireworks) to our Bonfire Night. Anyone found using them is breaking the law may be fined or prosecuted! Certainly they will get a stiff talking too at the bear minimum!

A better alternative is glow sticks and glow necklaces which are non-toxic and can also last for up to 8 hours.

Please come and enjoy our night but leave the fireworks to our trained team!




2012 Bonfire Night – Fancy Dress Competition

We would like as many children (and adults!) to enter our grand fancy dress competition. This will be held in the King Edward Hall starting at 6.30pm and is open to both the public and members of the Bonfire Society.

The classes are:

  • Children up to 6 years
  • Children 7-11 years
  • Children 12-15 years
  • Adults

There will prizes on the night! Also, all entrants are allowed to take part in the touchlight procession around the village.

Also, a gentle reminder for those who won a cup in last years competition or have not returned ones from previous years. , please remember to return these before this year competition. They can be safely dropped off in advance at Sarah Lacey Drycleaning in Haywards Heath, with Jenny at 31 Backwards Lane or during the afternoon of the 5th at the King Edward Hall.


2012 Bonfire Night – Don’t forget your event programme

This year we are providing our mini Bonfire Programme as a free download.

All we ask in return is that you should be as kind as to make a donation to Lindfield Bonfire Society so that we can keep our November 5th celebrations going!

2012 LBS Programme

Alternativly programmes and collection boxes can be found at:

Harmoney at Home Children’s Boutique, High Street, Lindfield
The Stand Up, High Street, Lindfield
Lindfield Drycleaners,  Denmans Lane, Lindfield
Sarah Lacey Drycleaning, College Road, Haywards Heath
Alter Ego, Burrell Road, Haywards Heath


2012 Bonfire Night – Bonfire Wood

Thank you to everyone who has been in touch with offers of wood and fuel for our bonfire on the 5th.

For those techie heads out there, the Society’s Bonfire is made using around 60 wooden pallets. We do not have the facilities to store these in advance of the event so they are sourced just before Bonfire Night and delivered to Lindfield Common on the day.

If you have some pallets that you can deliver to the Common on the 5th please let us know and we will be glad to receive them.