Chailey Outmeeting 2012

Next bonfire night up that we shall be going to is Chailey Bonfire Society’s event this coming Saturday 10th November. This is sure to be a great event and, being so near, there is no excuse for not going.

The grand procession starts at 6pm from the School in Mill Lane. There will be a short break at the Horns Lodge (about 20 minutes). The bonfire and fireworks will be 7.15-7.30pm.

For those unable to make Chailey’s Night there are also celebrations being held by East Hoathly Bonfire Society, Rye Bonfire Society and South Heighton Bonfire Society.

Go on, get out there and support your local Bonfire Society!


Fancy Dress & Procession only tonight

Many thanks for all you kind words of support following yesterday’s painful decision to cancel both the firework and bonfire element of our event due to the waterlogged state of Lindfield Common. The Council, Police and emergency services have confirmed this is the correct decision to have made.

We appreciate that everyone is disappointed that our full event cannot take place but you can still show your support for Bonfire Night by coming to our fancy dress competition at 6.30pm at the King Edward Hall and the subsequent torchlight procession round Lindfield Village.

We look forward to seeing you there whatever the weather!

Must dash, The Guy is ready to roll!


IMPORTANT – Change of plan for Bonfire Night

Post today’s site inspection of the Common, Lindfield Bonfire Society regret to inform that for safety reasons we have been forced to cancel both our firework display and bonfire for the 5th. This is because the extreme waterlogging of the Common which prevents us from operating safely and is a real danger for people attending a large public gathering. This is not a decision we have taken lightly and is obviously a great disappointment to us all, however the safety of all those attending our event must take priority.

It’s not all doom and gloom though. The good news is that we will still be holding our torch lit procession round the village and also our Children’s Fancy Dress competition at the King Edward Hall. The Guy will still be outside Glyn Thomas & Son on the Highstreet during the day with bonfire programmes. The revised schedule can be seen on the This Years Bonfire event page.

This will still be a great event so please do come and support us during the day and on the evening so we can ensure next year goes off with a bang.




Our 2012 Event & Weeekend Roundup

Many thanks to Newick for hosting a great Bonfire Night on Saturday 3rd. The firework display was fantastic. Please have a look at our 2012 photo gallery to see some pictures from the night.

We also wish to say thanks to Lindfield Life for running a great article about the Society and Bonfire Night in this months edition.

Today will see LBS working hard on getting everything ready for tomorrow (I will be out of the door as soon as this blog is finished to help with torch dipping). Things are going well and we are keeping our fingers crossed that the weather will sort itself out!

If you are intending to attend our event on the 5th you can find full details on our This Years Bonfire page. Please remember roads closures start at 18:30, do not bring sparklers, bankers or fireworks (opps! or bangers for that matter) and the Common will be muddy.



Lindfield Guy 2012

With all the activity and excitment in the run up to the 5th lets not forget about our Bonfire Guy.

As always Martin Durrant and his team have lovingly built this years Guy. I will not spoil the suprise of what the Guy look like this year on-line, but if you wish to see him then he will be outside Glyn Thomas & Son on Lindfield Highstreet on Monday, as will Society members with collection buckets and programmes. Please come and say hi, and don’t forget to take a picture of the Guy whilst you still can!

For those heading to Newick tonight for their Bonfire celebration, we’ll see you there and wish you all a great evening!