FAQ about our night (number 1)

In the run up to the 5th we get asked a lot of questions about our night. Here are answers to some of the more frequent queries we’ve been sent:

Q:  Do I need to buy tickets for your event?
A: No. Our Bonfire Celebration is free to the publi. However we ask you show you appreciation of our night buy making a donation in the collecting buckets that are out during and after our display. The money raised on the night is in aid of local childrens charities.

Q: Where is the best place to park?
A:If you live locally please walk to our event as parking is very restricted within Lindfield Village. Vehicle access to our event will be affected by road closures during the night, so if you are coming by car we recommend you park in Haywards Heath, or on the outskirts of the village, and walk to our event. When parking please consider local residant and emergancy vehicle access.

Q: Can I use sparklers during your event?
A: Please don’t! Sparklers are still the biggest cause of bonfire night injuries. Also the carlessly discarded wire from sparklers present an injury risk to children and pets using Lindfield Common long after our event has finished.

Q: I have some wood you can use on your bonfire…
A: We now have all the bonfire fuel & wood we need for our night. We are unable to accept any more (no matter how big your wooden shed, pallet pile or garden fencing is!)

Q: Do you have any disabled parking spaces left?
A: All our disabled parking spaces have now been allocated.

Q: Do you have any catering concessions available for your night?
A: No. All concession spaces have now been taken.