Remember Remember…

The Ted Haskell Memorial Shield

The Ted Haskell Memorial Shield is awarded at the LBS Annual General Meeting to the Society Member voted to have contributed the most to the Society over the past year.

This has been awarded to:
1994:   M Durrant
1995:   Ian Newman
1996:   Kim Lucas
1997:   P Lucas
1998:   B Durrant
1999:   Wendy Box
2000:   Wendy Box
2001:   Leon Baker
2002:   Leon Baker
2003: –
2004: –
2005:   Leon Baker
2006: –
2007:   Clare Boyling
2008:   Wendy Box & Chris Gasson
2009:   Phil Lucas
2010:   Wendy Box
2011:   Andrew Forsythe
2012:   Sarah Tampion-Lacey
2013:   Mark Tampion-Lacey
2014:   John Drew

The Garden of Remembrance

Geoff Honeysett 1946 – 1999

Kim Lucas 1954 – 2008

It is ten years since Bonfire Captain Geoff Honeysett passed away. A life long member of Lindfield Bonfire Society he is remembered for his hard work and dedication to bonfire traditions. He was the one in the army jacket and kilt (knickers or no Knickers? Some of us know!). Bless you Geoff. Our thoughts go to his wife Liz and daughter Verity.

A year ago today, November 5th, Bonfire Captain Kim Lucas passed away. A qualified pyrotechnician he taught many younger members the skills involved. A larger than life man both in character and build, his commitment to Bonfire and the charities that are supported was inspiring. Bless you Kim, our thoughts to his wife Sue, boys Darren & Phil.

Both Geoff and Kim are sadly missed by all of us, as well as the wider Sussex Bonfire community. The initial fireworks tonight are in their memory, sponsored by the families, so give a loud cheer, because I know they will be watching.