The Bonfire Season Calendar

Looking for more than just the run of the mill Saturday night watching the telly? Well, here is the list of Bonfire Night dates for 2018 so now you can plan your Saturday night tour of Bonfire Season Celbrations in Sussex and Kent come September.

If you are attending any of these events please check with the Society involved in-case the dates or details of their celebtaions have changed since we obtained these details of the Bonfire Season calendar (which can happen).


To be confirmed


To be confirmed


5th November – Lindfield



To be confirmed

* Identifies bonfire celebrations LBS have accepted invites to.

As always, we encourage you to support your local Bonfire Society wherever you may be, and to show your appreciation of the huge amount of work they put into making their Bonfire Night Celebrations happen by attending their displays and donating in support of their selected charities.

Last updated 31/12/2017