Comber’s Trust


We are very grateful to the Comber’s Trust for their  generous donation they have made to us to support this year’s event.

For those not familiar with the work of this local charity…

At a time when poverty and deprivation were very much present in Lindfield, Comber’s Trust was formed by individuals who cared enough to help.
Comber’s Trust continues – a local charity helping to support anyone living in Lindfield and in need, hardship or distress.
Comber’s can help make a difference to groups as well as individuals.
The trustees want to raise awareness of Comber’s Trust, and also to encourage Lindfield residents to give to the Trust for the benefit of others in need.
If you would like to make a donation, or would just like to know more, please contact the Hon. Secretary Caroline Brann on 01444 417443.