Join The Lindfield Bonfire Society

We are always willing and eager to have new people join our society. Lindfield Bonfire Society has been run since 1894 by volunteers and we require the help of all types of people.

We understand that not everyone who want to help out the Society wishes to become a full member. Therefore, for specific events, we operate a ‘Day Membership’ policy, which is run subject to the agreement of the Committee. This allows non-members to assist  the Society and be covered by our insurance.

Annual Membership

  • Adult member £10
  • Child (5-18) £5
  • Joint Membership £15
  • Family membership £20

Life Membership

  • Life Membership £100

How To Join

C0mplete the Lindfield Bonfire Society Membership and Standing Order form

: If you wish to support the Society but not become a member then complete only the Standing Order Section.

If you wish to become a member then complete both the membership and standing order sections.

Please return completed form (s) to:

The Membership Secretary, Lindfield Bonfire Society,
12 Old Farm Close, Haywards Heath, West Sussex RU17 7GA.

Note: New membership does not commence until your application has been reviewed and  approved by committee.

Membership FAQ

Q: Do I have to live in Lindfield to join?
A: No. Lindfield Bonfire Society welcomes supporters no matter where they live.

Q: What benefits does membership give?
A: Being a Society member means you can:-
– Become an active member of the Society
– Walk under the LBS banner on Bonfire Night and at out meetings
– Take part in LBS events throughout the year
– Help fund the running of the Society
– Receive LBS newsletters

Q: Why is membership important?
A: Membership is important because:-
– Your subscription helps to support the Society
– It means you are covered by the Society’s Public Liability Insurance when attending events with LBS.