Helpers and Volunteers

We Need Helpers & Volunteers!

The Lindfield Bonfire Society could not survive without the help of volunteers, be this on Bonfire Night or for other events during the year.

Can you help us?

The Lindfield Bonfire Night Helpers Meeting!
This meeting is held before our main October Committee meeting at the King Edward Hall and is intended for all who wish to be helpers, marshalls, collectors and volunteers, starting at 19:30. This is an essential meeting for all who wish to help at our Bonfire Night Celebration. Please see our website and Facebook page for details of when this meeting will be held for this years Bonfire.

Organising Lindfield’s Bonfire Night Celebration

Did you know it takes over 200 people to run the Lindfield Bonfire night??

We always need volunteers to help with a variety of tasks. This is an opportunity to truly join in the Lindfield Bonfire festivities and help make this event such a major part of the Lindfield Yearly Calendar.

On Bonfire Night there are 4 different roles that we require help with.

1) Preparation Work
We need help from people on the 5th of November with setting up and building the bonfire. We also need helpers on the day to set up the Arena to ensure that the area is safe for the thousands of people that will be attending.

2) Helpers & Marshalls
If you would like to be in the middle of the buzz then you could be a marshal that helps along the route. It is vital for any event such as this to have marshals along the route to help with the control of people and any behavioral issues. The police as always are working with us on this but we do need to help and so you could be the person.

3) Charity Collectors
The purpose of the bonfire is 2 fold, we want everyone to have an enjoyable evening, forget about their worries and have a magical evening in the bosom of this beautiful village. At the same time we also raise money for those less fortunate than ourselves. With that in mind we also require people to help by carrying around the collection buckets to ask people to put in some money for Charity! Money raised goes in aid of Charity so with your assistance more could be collected.

4) The Clean Up Team
Finally we need people to help clear the event up. This is a thankless task must happen on the morning 6th November. As with any big event a mess will be made. In the light of day we require people to help us to clean up Lindfield Common.

We hope you can help, it need not be every year but just this year, you may well find that the people you meet and the comradery that you feel will make you think even about joining the Lindfield Bonfire Society.

But just for now to let us know of your interest please let us know your phone number and/or email so that we can contact you with more details. and THANK YOU!