LBS Committee Meeting November 2017

If there’s something particular you would like to discuss please let us know in advance via the Contact Us section of our web site.


Safety advice for our 2017 Celebration


We want everyone to have a safe and enjoyable Bonfire Night, so if you are coming to our celebration…

1)  Do not bring your own sparklers, fireworks or bangers into the village or onto the Common. Fireworks are dangerous and it is against the law to use them in public (yes, that including sparklers!).

2) LBS operate a strict no fireworks policy outside of our display area. The discharging of rookies, bangers or other fireworks is not permitted before the procession, during it or in the public viewing areas at any time.

3) Dropped torches are dangerous & have been discarded for a reason. Do not pick them up. 

4) For the saftey of all, only memebers of Lindfield Bonfire Society and visiting societies in stripes and costume, together with invited organisations can walk in our procession.  

5) Do not bring pets to our night. There will be, fire, bangs & large crowds.

6) For public safety no drones are allowed at our event. Anyone found operating a drone will be reported to the police.

7) Please be considerate to local residents before, during and after our event.

8) Do not cross the safety fence around the fire site at any point during the evening, even after the fireworks have finished. This fencing is there for your safety as there may be unexploded fireworks within our fire site after the display finishes.

We hope you all have a safe and enjoyable Lindfield Bonfire Night!


Lindfield Bonfire Night – Saturday 4th November 2017

Four FirePlease remember that this year Lindfield Bonfire Night is on Saturday 4th November. What else do you need to know about our night? Well…

  • Oue clebration is free for the public to attend, all we ask is that if you enjoy the evening please make a donation in the collection buckets out in the procession and on the Common during.
  • The money collected on the night is in aid of local Children’s charities.
  • Lindfield Bonfire Society is a non-profit making organisation who fund raise throughtout the year to put this event on.
  • This is a traditional Sussex Bonfire celebration

Lindfield Guy Making Competition 2017

The Guy - 1864 illustration

This year Lindfield Bonfire Society are holding a ‘Build a Guy’ Competion, being judged Saturday afternoon between 2.00 and 2.30 on 4th November.

Please bring you built Guy to the top of the fire site on Lindfield Common.

Your Guy can be as large or small as you wish, but please remember:

1. One entry per child (or adult). This is an amateur competition
2. Don’t forget your entry form, which can be found in this years Bonfire Programme
3. Clean dry materials, such as paper, straw etc. must only be used to
create your Guy.
4. No plastic, metal, non-combustible or hazardous materials are to be
used in the construction of the Guy (remember the Guys will be burnt on our Bonfire).
5. Children should seek adults permission to use old clothing & materials

We look fowrad to seeing your entry’s and wish you all the best of luck!


Our Bonfire & Wood for the 4th

Thankyou for all you kind offers of wood & fuel for our Bonfire. We can confirm we have more than enough for our night.

For those concerned about hedgehog & wildlife welfare, we at Lindfield build our bonfire on the day of our celebration. If you are looking to have your own bonfire to mark Bonfire Night we recommend you visit the British Hedgehog Preservation Society webiste for guidance on how to make this as safe as possible for wildlife.